MWM has provided commercial audit training for various agencies, including Pacific Gas and Electric in 4 California locations (San Francisco, Stockton, Chico, and San Jose) over the past few years. The most recent trainings in Southern Nevada Water Authority in 2019; Arizona Municipal Water Users (AMWUA), AWWA Pacific Northwest Section,and Fort Collins in 2018; Gilbert, AZ focusing on cooling tower efficiency in September 2017 and the Monterey Peninsula Water District/California American Water. The class includes a section on recycled water and rainwater capture.

MWM can provide the following:

Description of presentation materials for classroom portion of training Based on previous trainings, MWM has materials that are readily available and regularly updated. MWM provides PowerPoint presentations on the following topic areas (individual modules) that may be used for various commercial trainings: MWM recommends a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on training. Our format provides a comprehensive overview of the most common and key commercial, institutional and industrial water uses. However, the set-up is flexible and topics can be added or removed if desired after the review of materials by the client. The training topics previously listed are too comprehensive for a 1-day training, but can easily be reduced to the appropriate desired training length. Description of water audit materials for field portion of class MWM demonstrates both electronic and paper data collection techniques, providing examples of electronic software data collection in the field, as well as providing paper forms for use. The field survey time supports the classroom instruction and may include tours of kitchens, restrooms, landscape, and cooling towers. During the field training portion, MWM will utilize all accessible facilities, being very comfortable in a commercial setting, having completed over 200 water audits over the past two decades.