Maddaus Water Management, brings extensive knowledge of demand analysis and water conservation. MWM is an internationally recognized water conservation authority. Maddaus Water Management, (MWM) is a certified Micro Small Business Enterprise and Women Owned Business in California, and has completed over 460 projects in 25 years. MWM brings an unparalleled combination of water conservation expertise and understanding of CII conservation programs to the project. A full 95% of our clients are municipal agencies or governmental entities, and approximately 90% of our work comes from repeat clients seeking to expand our services into other planning areas or, after a number of years, revisit design of their conservation programs.

Maddaus Water Management, gives clients the personal attention expected of a small business. As registered engineers, MWM has always taken a technically rigorous approach to water management planning using proven engineering estimates of water savings and benefit-cost analysis. The company is widely recognized for our expertise and capabilities in conservation planning and CII surveys, water resource management, and for innovative contributions in advancing demand management technology and integrated water resources planning.

The Least Cost Planning Decision Support System (DSS Model), a proprietary software by Maddaus Water Management, has been used both nationwide and internationally. MWM has completed more than 300 cost-effectiveness models over the past 25 years. The DSS Model was officially endorsed by the California Urban Water Conservation Council in 2004 and is available to Group 1 members free of charge. Agencies across the United States and internationally have benefited from the DSS Model and the technical services of MWM, including large and small water systems. Agencies include:

The model has been used in over 29 states across the nation and internationally in Canada, New Zealand and Australia representing a population of over 50 million people.

Some examples of previous MWM projects can be found online.
Regional Water Demand and Conservation Projections, Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency, San Mateo, California

Catawba-Wateree Water Management Group Benchmarking Survey of Current Successful Water Demand Management Programs, North & South Carolina (Information presented at the Water Smart Innovations Conference in 2010)

Conservation Master Plan, City of Oceanside, California

2013 Water Conservation Plan, City of Sacramento, California

Agricultural Water Savings Analysis Project, San Diego County Water Authority, California

University of Santa Cruz Water Efficiency Survey, Santa Cruz, California